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Responsive, Multiplatform
Addapts to IOS, Android,Windows,
Operating System.

Accessible as Possible on all Devices.

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Website, Web Application, Mobile Apps, POS Solution & Custom Solution

Mobile Apps


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Creator of effective IT Solutions With simple methods, creative and innovative for the best results.

What We Do?

POS Solution

Web Based System, Compatible Local & Cloud Synchronize, User Friendly, Dynamic Promotions ( One Module ) For All Campaign

Mobile Application

Mobile Applications For A Variety Of Purposes Both Business Activity For Android Or iOS Platform.

Website Design & Development

Fresh Design, Responsive Design For All Device,Interactive Design, SEO Friendly, Faster Access

Advance Web-App Development

We Create Web-Based Applications To Provide IT Solutions And The Appropriate Realtime Connected Between Each Other With A Very Affordable Cost.

Dashboard & CRM Solutions

We Are Able To Provide Management Reporting Solution That Is Highly Informative In The Form Of Graphs, Maps And More.

Custom Development

We Realize That Every Company Has Unique Business Processes, So We Are Willing To Provide Solutions As Needed.

Implement IT Solution With Recom
Features Simple New Look! Flexible
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Why Choose Us? Here’s the best part of our impressive services

Full Protection and Security

We guarantee our systems from a variety of attacks and threats that could jeopardize the security of the data.

Update Latest Features

Current technological developments very quickly. RECOM always been providing updated features.

Easy Implementation & Affordable Costs

We provide IT solutions are appropriate, it is easy in the application and at reasonable costs.


To customize your needs we are very flexible providing the right solution.

What You Get with Recom

Best Dashboard

Beautiful and best functional dashboard

Web-Based Systems

Web-Based is the best solution that can be used on various types of devices.

User Friendly

Recom very concerned UI / UX so that all systems are created can be easily used for beginners or expert.

Dynamic Reporting

Recom always provide appropriate reports and can adapt to the needs.

Modular System

All system Recom always be modular so it is compatible to be continue developed.

Synchronize System

To ensure the accuracy of data during synchronization process to cloud we provide appropriate methods

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